From Provence or Périgord hilltop villages to the Loire Valley royal chateaux and historic cities where each romantic street guides the visitors through a timeless journey, France is an unparalleled destination for heritage lovers and gourmets travelers thanks to its refined gastronomic delights.

Portugal is also an enchantment, featuring breathtaking landscapes, scenic sites listed at the Unesco World Heritage.
In visiting Portugal, you will travel through the past time of Vasco de Gama and Magellan who brought so many products in Europe such as tea, spices and many others that we find in the Portuguese sunny cuisine. You will experience and enjoy it accompanied with fine wines from Alentejo or from the Douro Valley nearby Porto.

Lifestyle Vacations Journeys in France and in Portugal are original.
Each itinerary is unique, designed by Corinne Preteur for Lifestyle Vacations and only.
You prefer a Tailor-Made journey ? Corinne will be delighted to create it according to your wishes and tastes.
Whatever the country or region you choose to explore, Corinne will be your expert guide and “Guardian Angel” throughout your journey. Traveling with Corinne is an experience of a lifetime!

Lifestyle Vacations France


This journey perfectly combines cooking classes celebrating the traditional French and South-West cuisine with guided visits and excursions to discover the scenic Dordogne Valley, its lifestyle and its unique prehistoric and medieval heritage. You will stay in one of the most beautiful village in France along the Dordogne river. You will meet local people and producers. This tour is limited to 6 participants.

Lifestyle Vacations France


Come join Corinne to discover the stunning Royal Chateaux of the Loire Valley, a region where she grew up and still live. Stroll across manicured gardens of estates along the majestic river. Enjoy the bounty of the refined French cuisine and learn how to make it through hands-on cooking classes designed for individuals and small groups of up to 6 people.

Lifestyle Vacations Cooking Tour


Join Corinne in the South of France to enjoy the sweet life of sunny Provence and discover a region where history holds a predominant place. From hilltop village to vineyards, olive groves and lavender fields, Provence is un unparalleled destination for heritage lovers and foodie travelers.



Through its millennial history, when this powerful seafaring kingdom dominated the merchant routes to Africa, South America and the Orient, Portugal today boasts a fabulous architectural heritage with 14 UNESCO listed sites such as Sintra, Evora, Porto, Coimbra… but also a superb cuisine and fine wines.

Make the most out of your homebound experience by learning new skills at home. Join Corinne’s virtual hands-on French cooking and baking classes run from her kitchen in Paris! It’s a fun culinary exchange and connection with your family, friends and other home cooks around the world.
Within a-hour lesson, you will learn how to prepare, to cook and/or to bake the Classics of the Authentic French Cuisine at home and in the comfort of your kitchen.
No matter your culinary experience is, you will find a class to make your time enjoyable while treating your family or friends on the best way when comes the lunch or dinner time.
Classes are offered for USA/Canada and for Australia, please check our classes calendar and schedule HERE.