You plan to visit France soon…
You are interested in partaking in a recreational cooking, baking or wine tasting class…
Book a cooking or a wine tasting class in Paris, in Lyon or in Provence with us

Join our cooking schools in Paris, Lyon, Avignon... to experience the traditional French cuisine through a hands-on cooking or baking class.
You will learn the right methods and get the chef’s tips to succeed in a delicious 3-course menu that you will prepare and cook from scratch. Each class lasts 3 hours and it’s taught in English.

Recipes includes ingredients you can find in your country and it’s simplified for home cooks. Menus follow the seasonal fresh produce from the market and consider the likes, dislikes of our foodie guests as well as their food restrictions or allergies. Tasting lunch accompanied by a glass of wine follows the class.

You are interested in improving your knowledge in the French wines?
Book a wine tasting class with us!
You will learn how to choose a French wine, how to pair it with the food and to age the wine on the best way. You will review the grape varieties as the French wines are listed by village names.
You will experience 6 different wines such as: sweet whites, dry whites with fruits or intriguing mixture of floral, honey and mineral aromas, light reds, full-body reds, and a Champagne sparkling white.