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Christmas Herbal Tea


TISANE DE NOËL an exquisite fruity & spicy Christmas blend

Tisane de Noël means “Christmas herbal tea” in French. A delicate and perfectly balanced blend to infuse in hot water and to enjoy with a good book or with friends or family nearby the fireplace.

This tea is a subtle combination of organic dried fruits pair with well balanced spices. The acidity of Lemon completes the delicacy of the Orange tree leaves, the sweetness of Apple and the spicy touch of Ginger and Cinnamon. By simply opening the sealed package, it’s an explosion of scents that touches all our senses.

Tisane de Noël is 100% organic, made in Brittany by Nat&Form. It’s presented in a nicely decorated box. Weight: 6oz.

Preparation for a mug or 2 tea cups: Add 1 tablespoon in simmering water and leave infusing between 3 to 10 minutes depending if you like your tea light or stronger. For a large teapot, 2 tbsp is the good dosage.

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Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 8.3 × 4.4 × 2.8 in
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Tisane de Noël