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Croissants Baking Class in Paris


Learn how to make exquisite croissants, chocolate croissants, raisins rolls…

  • Class is run in a baking school
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Designed for amateurs
  • Limited to 8 participants
  • Scheduled Wednesday at 2pm
  • Price per person: $180

Before booking, please contact Corinne at to provide your travel date and check the class availability.
Considering the limited space, we recommend to book this class in advance. Thank you.

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In coming to France, the first thing to do is entering in a bakery and smelling the flavors of freshly baked croissants, brioches, baguettes and traditional French breads…
At Lifestyle Vacations, we give you the chance to get to the next step in signing up a hands-on baking class to learn how to make the French breakfast pastry from scratch, and to succeed it in using a home oven. You will be become with measurements by weight and not by cups which is not precise enough.

Lifestyle Vacations Baking Class in Paris

Along your 3-hour course you will learn the methods of breakfast pastry such as croissants, chocolate croissants (also called “chocolatines”) and raisins rolls from scratch. Even the dough is the same, shaping methods are different. In small groups (8 people maximum), you will learn how to make the croissants dough, on the same way as the puff pastry. After you have rolled out the dough for layers, here comes the time of cutting and shaping methods. Our chef instructor will teach you how to make a crème pâtissière which is incorporated in the raisins rolls. You will bake these delights and enjoy it afterwards. You can also choose to take it away after the class.

Program Price: US$180 per person

Scheduled: Thursday, from 9am to Noon