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Crêpes are serve as a dessert but also as an entree. Crêpes Suzette is one of the most popular but there are other recipes that I will be glad to share with you. Crêpes are traditionally made with wheat four but it’s possible to substitute it by rice four and cornstarch (this is for gluten-free people). Savory crêpes are called Galettes in Normandy and Brittany, always made with buckwheat flour but without eggs. It’s a great recipe for vegan people. Along with the sweet or savory crêpes, it’s traditional to drink cider out of a round bowl instead of a glass. In Brittany it’s called Bollée.

Sweet: Crêpes Suzette & Salty buttered caramel sauce
Savory: Salmon & herbed cream filled Buckwheat crepe Rolls served for aperitif & Ficelle Picarde (crêpe filled with mushrooms, ham and crème fraîche, and gratinée… a Northern France specialty!


  • 3-hour hands-on Cooking Class on Zoom
  • Class is taught in English by Chef Corinne
  • Recipes are emailed to the participants when they sign in, so they have time to organize their food shopping
  • Price: $60 per person
  • Class is not refundable.

Class is offered upon request for a group of 4 people minimum, booked together. Please contact us. Thank you.


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In America and in Canada, people often spend February 2 huddled in the cold waiting for a groundhog to emerge from the earth. In France, we have a fun way to spend the day!
Every year on February 2, France observes La Chandeleur (Candlemas in Latin), a day dedicated to making and to eating crêpes.

The fest is linked to the Catholic religion exactly scheduled 40 days after Christmas, but it also has origins in an older pre-Christian holiday celebrating the harvest and marking the midway point of winter. As a result, the current Chandeleur is a mix of both of these traditions, which eventually evolved into a day revolving around the crêpe. Its round shape represents the sun and the circle of life, while the act of eating and sharing with others commemorates a historical tradition of popes giving food out to the poor every year on February 2.

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