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Hannibal silk Scarf



The elephant is placed in the center of a graphic vegetal representation of leaves, flowers that wrap endlessly, highlighted with shimmering bright pink, turquoise and purple harmonious colors. The design takes up the famous “Indiennes”, this complex weaving of which Bordeaux has made its prestige. A tribute to France and a hymn to India and Asian old continent.

  • 100% silk woven and printed scarf with hand-rolled edges.
  • Bright pink, turquoise and purple color
  • Measures 35″x35″
  • Care instructions: Dry cleaning only.

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The Routes to India, an incredible source of inspiration for artists and creators of all kind.

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The emblematic animal in India is not only the tiger but also the elephant. The pachyderm is in the spotlight in tales and stories, on paintings and of course on the printed silk fabrics. Hannibal scarf is a tribute to Asia. It’s a recognition and a mark of respect for Eastern countries, for their secular pasts and for their unique savoir-faire transmitted to Western people for centuries.

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Hannibal silk scarf pink