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Market Cooking Class in Lyon



  • Classes are run in a school
  • 5 to 7 hours
  • Designed for amateurs
  • Limited to 6 participants
  • Scheduled Tuesday-Friday-Saturday in the morning

Before booking, please contact Corinne at to provide your travel date and check the class availability.
Considering the limited space, we recommend to book this class in advance. Thank you.

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Lyon gained its international recognition with its traditional, gourmet and high-end cuisine led by celebrity Michelin-star chefs such as Paul Bocuse, Christian Tetedoie, Mathieu Vianney… but earlier in the nineteenth century, by middle-class women, nicknamed the “Lyonnaise mothers,” who left their homes to work as cooks and created brand new culinary traditions incorporating their regional roots. In 1935, the famed food critic Curnonsky did not hesitate to describe the city of Lyon as the “world capital of gastronomy.” 
The Lyon’s cuisine owes its virtuosity to the quality of local produce. Chickens of the Bresse, beef of the Charolais, wild game of the Dombes, fish of the Savoy lakes, fruits and vegetables of the RhoneValley and the Forez region.

Market Cooking Class in Lyon

Welcome to the Lyon’s Cooking school!

Nothing’s better than starting a cooking adventure by the market tour and shopping! Join our Chef on the open-air market for a one-hour market tour and shopping when you will also learn about the history of Lyon amazing city. This experience is not only the opportunity to meet and discuss with the merchants, but also to choose the best products in considering the season, the price, the freshness, etc. Each menu is created at the market, where you and our chef will craft the perfect gastronomy lunch. While each menu differs, there will usually be : appetizer, starter, main course, cheese and dessert. Our Market Cooking Class is a culinary experience of a life time, both in and out of the kitchen.

This program starts at 9am, scheduled Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays. After the market, via a picturesque walk through La Croix Rousse former silk weavers historic quarter, you will arrive at the school to begin your cookery class in English where you and your classmates will use the fresh market products to prepare a gourmet meal. Throughout the class, you’ll have the opportunity to learn knife skills, produce pairings and put these in to practice with a mix of modern and traditional Lyonnaise and French recipes. A complete meal to prepare and to cook (and bake) from scratch takes time. Around 2pm, you will enjoy a glass of wine with charcuterie and cheese. Then it will be the time to rest and enjoy the fruits of your labor, a gourmet food & wine pairing lunch in a lovely dining room.

Sample menu can include: fish terrine with its citrus fruits sauce, cheese soufflé, chicken supreme with seasonal vegetables, royal chocolate, praline tart, etc.

PROGRAM PRICE: US$ 320 per person

SCHEDULED: Tuesday, Friday and Saturday year-round, except in August.
The Cooking school is closed on public holidays.