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Leaf-shaped porcelain Cheese Plate



A leaf flies off to serve the artist’s imagination. Monique le Goff remarked its tender green… She engraves the material to create the veins of the leaf. When comes the painting step, she chooses the colors and shadows of real leaves and the porcelain reflects the light. The leaf is curved to grip the plate easily. A superb presentation for a cheese or other delicacies!
This sumptuous plate is a creation and made by hand. One unit and only is available. It’s unique!

Porcelain process – After a first drying step, each porcelain item is cooked 3 times in oven to 980°C (1800°F) and to 1240°C (2260°F) > enameling and waterproof process. Then comes the third low temperature step in order to fix the gilding application.

  • Handmade Porcelain
  • Color: natural with delicate green and gold lines
  • Measures : 8″x 6″x 0.6″
  • Weight: 9oz

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Weight 9 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 0.6 in
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Leaf-shaped porcelain Cheese Plate