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Symphony Scarf



A vibrant fusion of wool and cashmere with sumptuous patterns inspired by an antique cashmere’s collection. The beauty of the palm leaves and the nobility of the materials are combined to the incredible finesse of the Jacquard weaving offer a reversible magnificent blue scarf designed for women and men.
This gorgeous scarf is the essential winter accessory. Incredibly warm and soft, it envelops you, it reveals you and makes you… unconditionally.

  • Jacquard woven fabric 50% cashmere, 50% wool
  • Colors: blue
  • Measures 30″x 83″
  • Care instructions: Dry cleaning

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Each scarf, showcased in Corinne’s collection, tells a story. For this Symphony scarf, the tribute is geared towards the Jacquard woven and the history of the revolutionized technique created in Lyon in the 19th century.

Lifestyle Vacations Shopping CornerTHE STORY BEHIND…

Jacquard is a French weaving technique on a mechanical loom invented by Joseph-Marie Jacquard in the 19th century in Lyon. The Jacquard loom was revolutionary for that time, limiting the weavers’ tiredness and allowing to weave faster. The loom includes a system of hooks, needles and knives, a cylinder and a chain of perforated cardboard boxes. The system is placed on the top of the loom. The weaving design is placed on punched cards and laced to form a continuous loop on the cylinder at the top of the loom. The cards work like the boards on the conventional loom. It’s possible to place more than one mechanic system on a Jacquard loom which allows to increase the threads per inch or to enlarge the repeated pattern. Fro example, it’s possible to weave one pattern only on the width of the fabric or to repeat it several times on all the width.
The Jacquard woven is a reversible fabric.

You are interested in improving your knowledge in the French Jacquard weaving technique… Lifestyle Vacations has created the Taste of Lyon tour which includes visits to the Silk Museum, to Soieries Saint-Georges and to La Maison des Canuts (a canut is how a weaver was called) where a demonstration on an authentic 19th century wood loom is offered. This tour is guided by Corinne Preteur personally.

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Symphony Scarf