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  • Lifestyle Vacations Shopping Corner
  • Lifestyle Vacations Shopping Corner

Hello everyone,

From my home in Paris, I have created a Shopping Corner online featuring Made-in-France luxury items & high-quality products, a celebration of France’s heritage and lifestyle. The Shopping Corner completes Lifestyle Vacations culinary and cultural tours.

Made-in-France luxury items & high-quality products – We live today in a globalized world in which people and goods move easily and quickly. An evidence that most of clothing and fashion accessories we wear every day come from countries where labor costs are low and attention to compliance with laws governing trade is in question. I have faith in a different vision. I live and work in France, a country internationally known for its creativity, sense of design, art craft and expert manpower. I’m proud to say that all items showcased in my Shopping Corner have been designed, produced and hand made in France by family-run small manufactures or independent artisans who work passionately in respecting the traditions and unique savoir-faire transmitted by their ancestors from generations.

I’m heartbroken without having the chance to welcome you in France and in Portugal this year. The terrible Covid-19 pandemic has of course stopped my cooking & travel business this year but it has not won on my determination to stay in touch with you!

Thank you so much for your interest and for supporting my business as well as the French artisans I’m working with.

Corinne A. PRETEUR