Wonderous culinary tour of Portugal with Corinne Preteur

My wife and I, along with another couple who are our dear friends, just spent nine days in lovely Portugal with our incredibly friendly, knowledgeable guide, Corinne Preteur. The venues, the sights, the food and the our new friendship with Corinne were treasures we will long remember. We have joined a growing club of ‘foodies’ who are being introduced to the magic of European culinary traditions and culture by an energetic, friendly and talented guide who has become our new “family” member! We highly recommend that those seeking the individual attention and dedication to detail that a small group tour environment can only provide consider traveling with Corinne of Lifestyle Vacations. We can now vouch for the enthusiasm and top ratings given to Corinne by just about everyone who has toured with her. Her knowledge, unbounded energy and planning make for an enjoyable and memorable culinary vacation experience. Leon K (USA)