The Culinary Tour of a Life Time

We have traveled extensively throughout our lives around the world. Never however have we participated in a culinary tour. This past 10 days we toured with Corinne Preteur of Lifestyle Vacations through the central part of Portugal. We visited few popular tourist sites as well as some wonderful hidden gems. In addition we had a number of cooking classes, the best being in Lisbon. The main course of our chef’s teaching lunch/dinner was octopus. To obtain the menu items we visited a local market with him. That along with dinner preparation was a great learning experience and a lot of fun. Corrine, was outstanding, We enjoyed many laughs during our time with her. Every restaurant she selected was outstanding. The highlight was the one star Michelin restaurant near Cascais. This tour was truly unique for us and will never be forgotten. Corrine was a true delight. James L. (USA)